Established in 2005, Kanwal Enterprises is a leading manufacturer & exporter of high caliber Filter Making Machines for application in the filter manufacturing industry.
Rotary Pleating Machines
Rotary Pleating Machine
Knife Pleating Machine High Speed
Pleat Edge Cutting Machine
Paper Edge Clipping Machine
Hotplate For End Cap Curing
Pre Curing Oven
Cloth Coiling Machine
Leak Testing Machine
RV Anti-drain Testing Machine
Maxpore Meanpore
Fuel Filter Testing Machine
Airfilter Testing Machine
Hepa Paper Pleating Machine
Hepa Paper Pleating Machine Tower
Foil Folding, Corrugation Cutting Machine
Mini Pleating Machine
Pusher Bar Pleating Machine
HEPA Filter Test Rig
Mask Filter Test Rig
DOP Smoke Generator
Filter Pack Side Sealing With Hot Melt
Hot Plate for GT Filters
Multi Nozzle Hot Dispensing Panel Pack
Expanded Mesh Making Machine
Mesh Straightening Machine
Blank Cutting Machine
Spot Welding Machine
Yarn Winding Machine
Strut Assembly
Pneumatic Press
Metal Free Filter Manufacturing Machine
Sheet Metal Working Machines
Sheet Metal Working Machines 2
Sheet Metal Working Machines 1
Spot Welding Machines
Sheet Perforation Press
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